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              Emeida (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. is a city leisure tricycle and new energy electric cars as one of the group company, subordinate to the city leisure tricycle Tianjin industrial base, new energy electric car Dezhou industrial base, automatic paint factory, independent research and development fork production base.

              The company is based on consumer demand, focusing on independent R&D team building, annual investment of 3 million yuan R&D costs, and strive to build a core competitiveness of the Emmetta product system, to provide the market with a steady stream of new fashion, new trends of Emmetta products. At the same time, the company pays attention to product details to create, to provide consumers with "safe, comfortable, fashionable, easy to use" series of products. Products have won the "most popular consumer favorite lithium trolley", "best appearance design award", "innovation recommended brand" and other industry honors.

              After years of development and accumulation, Emeida brand has been widely recognized by the industry, especially the Emeida city leisure tricycle products, with its advanced design concept, elegant appearance design, exquisite manufacturing process has won the unanimous recognition of consumers. The city's leisure tricycle has become the leading brand of the city leisure tricycle industry.